“Finn” the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor

“Finn” is my Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor (named after John Boyega’s character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, because a white-on-white TM3 reminded me a little of a storm trooper, but I’m definitely #TeamResistance. (I’m kind of a big deal in he Resistance.) 😜

Finn is becoming self-aware a little ahead of other Teslas, you can follow his journey from Self-Driving Car to Self-Actualizing Car on his twitter account, @SelfAwareModel3.

Customizations and Accessories

Finn is only a couple months old, so I haven’t done much. As I continue to customize and buy accessories, I’ll try to keep up with maintaining this page. These are roughly in the order that I did them. I have no affiliation with any of these companies.

Console Wrap

I love the white interior, but hated the “piano black” center console. I ordered a kit from Abstract Ocean for $35, and it took about 15-20 minutes to install. It was transformative: the white looks more futuristic, makes the interior more light and airy, and is much easier to keep clean. The car should have come this way.

Jeda Wireless Charger (v2)

I hated the built-in charger. It was cumbersome to put my phone in place, and even more difficult to remove it. It always felt like I was forcing it.

There are several options for wireless chargers for phones that support the Qi-compatible inductive charging standard, including the Nomad and (more recently) a first party solution from Tesla. I still strongly prefer the Jeda because it has three inductive charging pads instead of 2 so that you can charge 2 phones at a time in portrait orientation, or one in landscape orientation. Great for watching YouTube videos while supercharging, or for throwing your AirPods in for a quick charge. A great device, highly recommended.

More to come…